What is Agile?

What is Agile?

In last few article, we explored:

1. What was the need of Agile?
2. Challenges with Old Age Methodology
3. Incremental and Iterative

Now, it’s time to discuss – What is Agile?

Dictionary meaning of Agile are:

1. Able to move quickly and easily
2. Able to think and understand quickly

And honestly, Agile is nothing but this only.

Therefore, Agile is NOT:

1. New Idea
2. Defined Process
3. Solution to all kind of issues
4. Some king od magic methodology
5. Framework
6. Template

Agile can be best described as – Mindset and Culture which promotes – 1. Ability to move quickly and easily and 2. Ability to think and understand quickly 3. Deliver outcome early in game.

Agile Myths and Realities

Agile MythsAgile Realities
Requirements can change frequentlyRequirements are always prioritized
No DocumentationLimited to Minimum Documentation
Cannot ScaleDivide and Conquer (Scaled Agile)
Not disciplinedDisciplined approach to development practices
Agile is Scrum, XP, Kanban etcAgile is culture and mindset. Scrum, XP, Kanban etc are approach to follow Agile Culture



Agile is a Human Way of developing and delivering Software Products and Projects respectively.


For a second, focus on your day to day life. How you live your life and take decision – be it simple or complex. You take decision based on priority. And these priorities are ever changing. On a particular day, if one has an emergency, he would prioritize that emergency task even before the most logical and standard one such as having food. Think, how many time you have given priority to some more important task over the some of the necessary and less important (at that moment) tasks. This is what precisely Agile says. Invest the time, money and energy only on prioritized task.

Also, in our day to day life, do we create documents, or we focus on actual work done. If you are hungry, do you list down your requirements or look for actual food. That’s what Agile says, don’t keep listing down Customer Need and Requirement, show him actual product quickly, let it be in part. Iterative an Incremental.

Therefore, human’s basic nature is AGILE, we are AGILE. However, we developed Old Age Methods, Approaches and Process during Industrial Revolution which was focused on Non Living, Non Agile Mechanical Products. While the New Age Knowledge Products are completely different in nature and much more closer to Human Behaviour. This is why, New Age Developers need to go back to their basic instinct which is nothing but AGILE.

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