CMMI – Level 2 – Managed

CMMI – Level 2 – Managed

Managed, as the word means, the project management is defined at this level. Basic project management principles are established to track cost, schedule and functionality. The necessary process discipline is in place to repeat earlier success on projects.

An effective process can be characterized as practiced, documented, enforced, trained, measured, and able to improve.

Projects in Level 2 organizations have installed basic software management controls. Some of the important points are:

1. Realistic project commitments are based on the results observed on previous projects and on the requirements of the current project.

2. The project managers for a project track software costs, schedules, defects and functionality; problems in meeting commitments are identified when they arise.

3. The project’s process is under the effective control of a project management system, following realistic plans based on the performance of previous projects.

Level 2 has got 7 Process Areas. And they are:

1. Requirements Management
2. Project Planning
3. Project Monitoring and Control
4. Configuration Management
5. Measurement and Analysis
6. Process and Product quality assurance
7. Supplier agreement management

Each process area has certain goals which needs to be met by the organization. From tomorrow, we shall start looking at each process area at level 2 and their goals in detail.

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