Agile – What Was The Need?

Agile – What was the NEED?

Before we start with Agile, let’s start with some most basic fundamentals of human journey.

In earlier days, Humans were wondering on earth just like “Hunters” with no meaningful civilisation. Slowly Humans learn cultivation and it started Agriculture Revolution. It was Agriculture Revolution, which promoted the  civilisation. With this, Humans start developing colonies and start living in groups.

The next Big revolution was Industrial Revolution. During this humans developed machines, big factories and start developing industrial product. Most of the things, around us – car, train, fan, furniture, big machines, appliances etc are product of Industrial Revolution. During this revolution humans start leaving their villages and farms; and start moving to cities. This is the revolution which laid the, foundation of most of the processes concept fundamentals of Project Management. This is where, we developed advanced project management concepts – Waterfall, SDLC, DMAC, and tools such as – Gantt Chart etc.

Agile - What Was The Need?

The latest era is what we are in – and it is – Information Revolution. One can call it Knowledge Revolution as well. This era is based on information and collaboration rather than the manufacturing and assembling of a product. The information revolution relies on Knowledge Workers (Engineers, Writers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers etc) instead of industrial labour.

There are distinct and different characteristics of the industrial outcome and knowledge outcome. Let’s have a look:

Knowledge vs Industry Work

Therefore, it is clear that knowledge work has more uncertainty than the industrial work.

However, we have been “applying techniques developed during the Industrial Revolution for the Industrial Work to the development of Knowledge Work.”

This leads to frustration and often projects fail.

And this is why we would have needed new way of thinking; to answer these challenges and questions, agile methods are being developed over many years by different people to respond the problem described above.


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